Snapchat Hackers: Guide for Prevention

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Snapchat Hackers: Guide for Prevention

With the recent news of a data breach at Snapchat, many people are worried that their personal information is now compromised. Also, Snapchat hackers have started their work so actively. While there have not yet been…

8 Dangerous Types of Malware & How to Spot Them?

You've probably come across the term "malware" before. However, if you're grounded in some IT and tech-related fields, you'll understand that these software forms are the leading cause of data breaches and everything in-between. While most…
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How to Detect and Remove Spyware From iPhone or Android?

Spyware is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, they can help parents protect their kids, law enforcement catch criminals, employees keep track of employee productivity, etc. However, their wide availability and their aggressive marketing are…

How to Secure Your Location Data on Your Phone?

Looking over your shoulders lately? These days, someone is always hot on your digital trails. If it isn’t tech leviathans like Google and Facebook, it’s some random news sites you came across on BuzzFeed or your…
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